Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A PR Challenge 

This article raises a PR challenge for all online stores.  What does one do with all the cardboard from shipping goods directly to the home?  It is a mountain of recycling and the more that online takes over shopping, the taller the crag.  There is no good way to handle the issue.  Goods need to be shipped and cardboard is the medium for doing that.  No other shipping material makes much sense, such as foam or plastic.  About all that Amazon.com and other online shippers can do is to make sure that the right-sized box is used for the item being sent.  Amazon, particularly, is not very good at that.  Often it will send small items in a large box that leaves one shaking his head.  It is an issue that online shippers will need to confront sooner or later.  Meanwhile the Everest keeps growing.  


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