Thursday, February 04, 2016

Difficult Persuasion 

In California, heavy rains and a deep snowpack in the high Sierras would seem to have ended the long drought in the state.  Everyone can go back to watering lawns and filling swimming pools.  But, they can't.  The drought isn't over according to the State Water Resources Control Board.  This is a difficult message and more difficult persuasion that the regulators have undertaken.  They are telling citizens who have experienced the downpours that one year of wet winter weather is not enough.  Will the populace listen and will water delivery agencies continue to hunt down wasters and fine them?  Only time will tell. If the state's dams refill to their former capacity and water releases become mandatory, it will be a tough job to keep citizens in line.  Next year will reveal whether the drought is really over or not.  If the state gets a suitable rainfall and snowpack two years in a row, the Control Board could consider lifting some restrictions.  Will Californians wait that long?


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