Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Sometimes a public will suffer from inertia and will not act when it is clearly in its interest to do so.  Venezuela is a basket case of hyper inflation and lack of goods, but the people have not rebelled yet against the current leader, Nicolas Maduro.  They have put in a parliament of opposition legislators whom Maduro has said he will ignore.  As for Maduro himself, he has no understanding of the mechanics of governance and his intransigence has ruined the country.  Why does the public not rise up as one and depose him?  That's an unanswerable question.  To an outsider, it would seem obvious a regime change is what is needed.  To an insider and Maduro loyalist, the havoc is the result of conspiracy.  As long as Maduro maintains some kind of political base and the backing of the army, he can remain in power, but as the economy continues to plummet, he has to worry about erosion and revolt. Inertia can last for a long time as it did in the Soviet Union and still continues today in North Korea, but once the public acts, matters can change swiftly as they did at the teardown of the Berlin wall.


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