Monday, February 01, 2016

Long-term Crisis 

Sometimes there is nothing one can do in a crisis.  It will play out at its time length be that short or long.  Here is a case in which the resolution of the crisis will take months if not years.  There is little to be done to make drinking water in Flint, MI safe except to change the pipes leading to houses and businesses. Meanwhile, Flint's citizens have to live on bottled water, an inefficient and irritating interim solution.  Left unsaid is who will get their pipes changed first.  That alone will be a major upset if it looks as if one group is being favored over another.  The mayor of Flint might save the town time by submitting his resignation before he is voted out of office, which he surely will be.  It will be up to the mayor's successors to solve the crisis once and for all, and the resolution will be painful.


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