Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Money Doesn't Always Talk 

The demise of the Bush campaign is a reminder that throwing money at the public doesn't always work.  There needs to be a persuasive message and appealing message bearer.  In the end Bush had neither of these but he did spend $130 million in the process.  It is not uncommon for companies in crises to undertake ad campaigns to get their side of an issue out.  It rarely works in the end.  If the public is opposed, there is little one can do.  Consider, for example, the BP effort after the oil platform disaster in the Gulf.  The company spent millions trumpeting its concern for the environment but that hasn't stopped lawsuits and penalties.  Its advertising has been a wasteful exercise.  The Bush campaign was a large organization and money mint, but in the end it meant nothing.  The only people who profited were the consultants and PR firm that represented him.


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