Monday, February 15, 2016

Publicity For The Poor 

Say what you want about Pope Francis but he is dedicated to publicizing the plight of the poor and scolding nations for failing to care for them.  He has made poverty a central theme in his reign and he rarely misses a chance to highlight the miseries of the masses who have little shelter, food or water.  One can dismiss these critiques or pay attention and act.  Obviously, the pope hopes to spur movement but words only go so far.  He has no way of compelling people and governments to work at raising the standard of living for the forgotten, but he can scold, persuade and highlight the right path.  The pope has been an equal opportunity prod -- pushing his own bishops at the same time he talks to countries.  The question is who is listening and whether those who take note are in a position to act.  The wealthy might dismiss him as a gadfly while the poor look upon him as a savior.  No matter the opinion of the people, he continues because he sees it as his ministry.  That is good enough for many.


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