Tuesday, March 29, 2016

As Expected 

One would not expect an aging revolutionary to suddenly change his beliefs, especially when he thinks of enemies.  So that is why Fidel Castro's reaction to President Obama's visit to Cuba is as expected -- negative.  Castro has spent most of his life bashing America, especially after the Bay of Pigs fiasco.  He is a dedicated communist and convinced of his position.  It must irk him that Cubans who left the country and moved to America have largely done well by comparison to those who stayed behind.  Castro lived on the largesse of Russia for many years until the communist empire fell apart.  He hasn't had an answer for the economy in decades and his brother moves cautiously lest he upset Fidel and his stalwart supporters.  President Obama's visit was a thumb in the eye of the old man, and he predictably didn't like it.  One can only hope that a leader with courage will act to open the country economically to the rest of the world.  Cubans have suffered enough.


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