Monday, March 07, 2016


North Korea knows how to bluff the rest of the world.  Invoking the nuclear option, the country has placed South Korea and other nations on edge.  It is known that the North has a plenitude of missiles aimed at Seoul and the leadership of the North is enough off kilter that one has to worry it will use them.  The cruelty of the North's regime is one reason why the rest of the world has to take the country seriously.  It is amazing in this day and age that a Marxist dictatorship can survive as the North has done.  One asks why the populace has failed to rise up but the paranoia of the leadership is such that it will jail anyone on a pretext of disloyalty.  There is no good way to communicate to the country except through sanctions, which makes the populace's life even more miserable.  Somehow, the leadership continues to get all that it wants and more from fine whiskey to banquets and available women.  It doesn't acknowledge the hell that it has the rest of its citizens living in.


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