Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Cord Cutting And PR 

Cable companies are fighting a loss of subscribers who are cutting the cord and relying on the internet for programming.  For the most part, cable has only itself to blame.  Their service was bad and charges for bundled channels, most of which few watched, are high.  One wonders why cable kings let things fester as long as they have and the answer is that they were the only outlet in many towns.  One had to deal with them or rely on rabbit ears for the few over-the-air channels left.  When one is a monopoly, there is a greater temptation to let service slide.  The attitude is to whom can one complain except the local municipality.  Cable companies are now relying more on delivering broadband than channels.  They won't go away but their importance has diminished.  One wonders if they had practiced good public relations from the outset whether they would be in the same fix today.


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