Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Employee Sabotage 

A video making the rounds shows a stomach-churning scene of an employee peeing onto a food assembly line.  Kellogg is investigating the incident but the damage is done.  An employee has sabotaged the company and added a yuck factor to its food products.  There is little any company can do to avert worker sabotage.  It can happen in an instant.  A business has to hope it has enough of a relationship with employees that they will not stoop to such things.  But there is always a dissident, the disaffected whom one can't reach.  This kind of person needs to be weeded out before he causes real damage.  Kellogg is faced with delving into a two-year-old incident, which is not easy because the worker might have since moved on to another part of the plant or out of the company all together.  Meanwhile, Kellogg is left with the task of assuring everyone its food products are safe, but really, how would the company know?


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