Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Go PR 

A Google computer has defeated one of the top Go players in the world in the first game of five to be played for a million dollar purse.  Go is harder to learn than chess with a nearly infinite number of moves possible on a 19 x 19 square board.  Google's challenge was a PR move to demonstrate advancements in artificial intelligence.  Even if Google doesn't win in the end, it will have shown the world that it has a machine to be reckoned with that can defeat human intuition.  The feeling one has for a discipline is born of repeated trials that build experience.  Google's machine has taken that course of learning to the extreme by playing millions of games and from them choosing likely courses of action.  What the professional Go player cannot rely upon is the machine breaking down once it makes a mistake as a human opponent might do.  There is little left that a machine can't do in games, but it is still not human.


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