Monday, March 14, 2016

More Trouble 

Volkswagen is not only facing billions in fines for its deception but now it is toying with the idea of leaving the mass market in the US.  That is causing its 600 dealers to fume.  The  brand has been so damaged, however, that its national aspirations are long gone.  The company is a case example of what happens when one practices poor public relations.  Pulling the wool over the eyes of regulators and customers has savaged the company's image, and it will take years for it to come back, especially in the US where the company has had problems selling its vehicles.  VW has only itself to blame, and its new management team has many apologies to make before the public forgives and perhaps, forgets.  The company  is on probation.  It can't deceive the public or regulators again and expect to survive as a brand.


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