Thursday, March 17, 2016

Negative Publicity 

Say what you want about ISIS, the muslim terrorist group, but they are masters of generating negative publicity.  A book burning is guaranteed to get the media's attention and a Christian book burning demonstrates the group's hostility to religions other than its own. This kind of publicity is self-defeating, however, because it convinces the world that ISIS is a dangerous entity that needs to be stamped out.  One wonders why such radicalism is so blind to the consequences of its actions.  One explanation is the terrorists have convinced themselves that they are in the right and the rest of the world is wrong.  In other words, they are the antithesis of public relations where one listens closely to people before acting.  ISIS imposes its rigid view of life on everyone under its power and cannot allow deviance of any sort.  It's a power ploy and not religion, at least not muslim beliefs.  Each negative act like a book burning brings the group one day closer to extinction.


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