Monday, March 28, 2016

Suspect PR 

An Israeli soldier shot a Palestinian who was lying on the ground incapacitated.  The Israeli government is investigating the incident but many Israelis feel he was justified.  Whether or not the soldier had the right to do what he did, it is suspect PR and a cause for inflaming already ferocious feelings between the two countries.  And, it won't stop the killing. This is a case where there is no good PR response to the tensions between the countries.  Israel is slowly taking over Palestinian lands and pushing the people into smaller and smaller spaces.  That is poor PR and guaranteed to create more violence.  Israel is powerful and the Palestinians are weak.  That doesn't help Israel's cause.  The image is one of a bully, which Israel does not need.  There are no easy answers.  Each side is stabbing or shooting the other and claiming justification for doing so.  It is a mess destined to last for decades.


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