Monday, April 18, 2016

Brexit And All That 

It was a relief to spend a week in London and Scotland away from endless campaigning in the US.  Over there. however, the question of Britain leaving the EU consumes the airwaves.  Brexit, as it is called, has spawned thousand of interviews and numerous talk shows.  Add to that the press attention to the Panama Papers and David Cameron's inadequate defense of his finances and it made for a stimulating week in a foreign land.  Not that I watched TV the entire time, but we would flip it on after a long day of walking London or Edinburgh.  It was good to get away and see how public relations works in another country.  Cameron's defense of himself was done during Question Time in parliament.  British politicians know how to cut and thrust with the best verbal warriors.  So, the UK is in turmoil, but not about elections.  There is something comforting about that,


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