Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Publicity Vs. Professionalism 

Navy Seals are grappling with their image of quiet professionalism in the wake of waves of publicity by present and former members.  It seems anyone and anything with the label Seal can be exploited for profit.  This is upsetting to many members of the Seal community who pride themselves on getting a job done without shouting about it from the rooftops.  Unfortunately, there are few ways that the Navy can control former Seals, but it can harness active members through nondisclosure orders.  The challenge the Navy has is that the public is fascinated by these extraordinary individuals and teams.  They have been tested and trained to the highest level of proficiency and they have derring-do that sends them into seemingly impossible situations time and again.  It is that level of spirit and readiness that the public wants to know more about.  One can understand the threat to the Navy and the Seals when individuals start taking precedence over the team, for coordinated action is at the heart of their success and not the actions of any one member.  Eventually, the rampant publicity will die away but in the meantime, the Navy has to deal with the flack.


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