Friday, May 20, 2016


When a country is in free-fall and the leader is acting like a dictator, the use of power can be a distraction from daily living.  This is the case in Venezuela.  President Maduro has ordered military exercises rather than fix the economy, and there can be no doubt that he is also threatening the opposition that seeks to remove him.  Maduro has been a disaster for the country, which is consumed with inflation and the absence of everyday goods.  The message he is sending to the opposition is that he won't go easily, if at all, through the ballot box.  He is trumping up minor issues to major threats and accusing the United States of trying to remove him.  While it is true that the US has put him on list of countries that are a threat to national security, it is hardly credible that the US is going to invade the country.  So the military exercises are a false sense of alert designed to distract citizenry from the hard lives they lead.  It is cynical propaganda at its worst.


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