Monday, May 23, 2016

Get What You Paid For? 

When one commands $285,000 a speech, he must be a great rhetorician or perceived to be one at the nexus of power.  That is what former president Bill Clinton is charging and people are happy to pay.  He has earned millions since he left office. He is an expert at the art of public speaking, but it is unlikely that this is the reason why people are willing to pay so much to hear him.  There is a good chance that he is returning to the White House as First Husband upon whom Hillary Clinton has already stated she is going to put in charge of the economy.  But still, does that make a speech worth $285,000?  Perception is at issue here.  Another person can deliver the same speech in the exact same words and barely command a speaking fee.  Bill Clinton is perceived to be at the center of power and hence, worth the price for his words.  Even so, I wouldn't pay it.


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