Thursday, May 12, 2016

Green And Not Green 

The ecologically conscious citizen wants an electric car in order to stop polluting the atmosphere.  But, it turns out that not all battery-powered vehicles are clean.  In fact, some are no better than a gas engine.  How can this be?  The source of electricity to recharge the car's batteries has to be taken into account.  In some parts of the US, coal-fired plants are spewing enough carbon dioxide into the air to make up for the lack of pollutants in an electric vehicle.  The irony of the situation is that citizens are feeling good about themselves for choosing to go all-electric.  They are making a public statement that they are concerned about the environment and are inviting others to join them.  They don't want to hear that their efforts have gone for naught and that they are green and not green.  It is a reminder to communicators in general to make sure of the facts of a situation before promoting it.  The surface might seem plausible, but beneath facts might be contradictory.  


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