Tuesday, May 31, 2016

No Good Answer 

In war, there comes a time when there is no good answer to the safety of civilians caught in the crossfire.  Ideally both sides will let non-combatants leave the war zone before clashing.  It doesn't always happen.  Consider this case.  Despite communications that announced the government's effort to retake Falluja, people remained in place.  There is no way of knowing at this point whether ISIS forced them to stay or whether they chose to do so out of a false sense of security.  Whatever the reason, they are caught now in a vicious battle that will continue house to house with the town being left in ruins. Many will die by the hands of both sides.  Victory for either side will seem like defeat.  War is the result of a breakdown of communications.  Diplomacy is only in the muzzle of a gun. Both sides strive to compel the other to listen and accept demands that neither can abide.  Resolution comes only through killing until one side or the other admits defeat.  It's ugly, but it will never go away entirely.  Man is accustomed to conflict, and there are those who would rather shoot first and ask questions later.  Pity the people caught in the middle.


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