Monday, May 16, 2016

Sad Propaganda 

Propaganda to have any effect needs to have some seeds of credibility.  That is why this North Korean propaganda is so sad.  The tour leaders of the infant hospital could not hide that everything was dated and exposed nevertheless for a media show.  The effect is of propaganda that is cynical self-delusion on the part of the North Koreans.  They are fooling no one but themselves, and apparently, they don't understand that.  For who among the citizens of North Korea will ever see the media reports that came from the press tour?  Since none of the reporters were fooled by the staged show, there was no chance that the external media would report the "mighty advances" of the North Korean regime.  If the North Koreans were smart, they would stop these media tours, and let things be as they are.  However, few would assign a high degree of intelligence to North Korean leadership.  


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