Thursday, May 19, 2016

Too Much Of A Good Thing 

Conservationists in Northern Europe are facing a dilemma.  Their efforts to save the white-tailed eagle has been successful, perhaps too much so.  The eagles are now preying on other species of endangered birds.  This has raised the distasteful suggestion that the eagles need culling.  As one might expect that could lead to a PR disaster with eagle defenders pitted against guardians of other bird species.  There is no simple answer to the problem.  Eagles are flesh eaters and they will find it in one way or another.  They have taken to attacking ducks on their nests and geese during their molting season.  They have been linked with declines in certain bird populations because of their appetite.  Conservationists must now work through the problem or let nature take its course and find its own balance whether or not other endangered birds survive.  It is difficult choice.


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