Tuesday, May 17, 2016

When A Lie Becomes Fact - 2 

It seems both the Democratic and Republican parties have presidential candidates who are twisting truth to make a fact out of a lie.  Now it is Hillary Clinton's turn.  She is insisting that using a private e-mail server for her correspondence when secretary of state was allowed under the law.  As Factcheck.org finds it, that is a lie.  Yet she persists in telling it so it can become a harmless point in her campaign.  It is increasingly unlikely the government will take action against her, but the fact remains that she violated guidelines and engaged in e-mailing that exposed government secrets.  Why can't she admit the error and beg for forgiveness?  There is no justification for clinging to a lie other than a disregard for truth.  If she can lie about this, what else is she capable of twisting?  From a PR perspective, she has taken a perilous course.


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