Wednesday, June 01, 2016

All Too Common 

Journalists falling for fake news is all too common and growing more so by the day.  Reporters are suckers for what appears to be a good story and they run with it before making a phone call to verify the facts.  It is the job of PR practitioners to save members of the media from themselves by correcting false reports as soon as possible and preventing the spread of error.  The challenge is that PR practitioners cannot watch all of the news and fake news sites at the same time.  There is a time lag, albeit small, between spotting an error and responding.  In that gap, reports can circle the world.  One wishes that journalists do the basic job of reporting.  But, the human desire to be first with a scoop is too much for some of them.  They become transmitters, not reporters and as a result, add to the noise of the marketplace.  With the internet and the proliferation of news and news sites, the job of the PR practitioner is more important than ever.


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