Friday, June 03, 2016

Military Publicity 

This article makes clear that the Naval installation where the reporter witnessed a rail gun in action is a top secret facility.  If it is top secret, how come it was being used to demonstrate a new weapon?  The Navy is lifting the veil on a revolutionary technology that someday might replace artillery.  There is no secret here.  The service wants to continue funding for development of the cannon and to keep its political critics at bay.  So, it chooses one of its most high profile weapons in development and it lets a reporter in on the secret.  It is an old trick used by the military services since nearly forever.  And, it works.  The article is a long take on rail guns and their utility in war.  The Navy could not have written a better story itself, and the credibility of the Wall Street Journal is without equal.  Make no mistake. Naval information officers are forwarding the article to the House and Senate armed services committees with notes attached highlighting the success of the project.  Will they sustain funding for the gun?  You betcha.


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