Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Rebuking The Boss 

Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee for the Republicans, but that hasn't spared him from criticism by members of his own party.  Here is House Speaker Paul Ryan's take on Trump's verbal jab at the judge handling the civil lawsuit against Trump University, a failed school.  It should be clear to Trump now, if it hasn't been already that his own party is holding its nose while backing him and will rebuke him openly.  Trump's shoot-from-the-lip style has cost him the support of a number of prominent politicians and the more he doubles down on his statements, the more back-peddling is happening in the Republican Party.  To attack a judge for his ethnicity is bad enough, but Trump as yet refuses to disavow his comment, even when it is pointed out that it is racist.  It is enough to wonder how Trump came to be the presumptive nominee.  Millions voted for him and he attracts crowds to his rallies.  He is selling himself as the anti-politician successfully so far, but he is living on the edge and might have fallen already.  


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