Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Taxes and tax payments are topics rife with political cant and popular mythology.  As such, they are issues that are ideal for public relations -- i.e. getting the facts out about taxation.  That is what this study from the Congressional Budget Office tries to do.  It clears the air about who is paying more for government and who less.  It presents facts about tax rates and their change, or lack of it, over the years.  It puts a stake in the ground to counter misinformation about taxes that has grown into a political and cultural battle.  There is one fact about the report that isn't stated but is certain.  Those with axes to grind will ignore it and continue to inveigh about tax unfairness.  This will happen because taxes are an easy target for criticism and wrong-headed argument.  Because they touch almost everyone, there is personal interest in the topic and an opening for demagoguery.  It would be helpful if the CBO mounted a PR campaign to explain taxation but it isn't likely.  The report will stand on its own.  

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