Wednesday, July 20, 2016


One wonders where Melania Trump has been that she could think she would get away with lifting part of her convention speech from Michelle Obama.  With the internet, it is harder than ever to get away with plagiarism.  This is especially true when dealing with celebrities whose every action is scrutinized by the public.  It wasn't long after Ms. Trump concluded her speech that a "gotcha" posting was made, and it blew up on the internet.  Now it is fodder for the mainstream media as well.  It is one more example of the real personalities coming through the veneer of the campaign, and in these small instances, the public will make up its mind whether it can support a candidate or not.  The pity of it is that it did not have to happen.  One speechwriter could have given her a powerful testimony to her husband without stealing words from another.  It is a PR disaster and red meat for journalists who won't soon give up asking about it. 


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