Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Slap On The Wrist 

Hillary Clinton received a slap on the wrist from the FBI yesterday but no recommendation of charges against her for her misuse of an e-mail server.  This fed immediately into a campaign message from Trump that the system "is rigged."   Make no mistake.  The public will be tired of hearing about Hillary's carelessness soon enough because the Republicans will thrash the message endlessly.  Hillary will apologize and say, "Let's move on."  Given the Republican candidate and his ego, the media might give her a break and do as she requests.  It is hard to say that Bill and Hillary Clinton were too dumb to recognize when they were flouting the law and perception.  They are bright people.  So, why do they persist in putting themselves in harm's way by using private equipment and making impromptu visits to the Attorney General?  One conservative commentator summed the impression by writing, "Laws are for little people."  This might be the message that the Republicans will send over the coming weeks -- a perception of arrogance on the part of Hillary and Bill that would be hard to accept in the top office.  But, for the fact that the Republican candidate with his preening and narcissism is even worse.


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