Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Too Far 

ISIS has gone a step too far in its effort to communicate terror to the Islamic world.  Blowing oneself up in the parking lot of the sacred site of Medina strikes at the root of what it means to be a Muslim.  Maybe now, those who subscribe to the arch-conservative beliefs ISIS proclaims will understand that it is not a religious sect but a terrorist group. Every bombing against Muslims is a step away from gaining acceptance from them.  The horrific Baghdad carnage, which cost the lives of 175 people can only embitter both Sunnis and Shiites.  Bombs are indiscriminate.  America can't say anything to ameliorate the situation.  We stand accused of killing hundreds of civilians through drone and bombing attacks.  We can excuse ourselves by saying it wasn't deliberate, but that rings hollow to a survivor who has lost a child or spouse.  There is no good answer to the Middle East's angst other than peace.  All sides have to choose to get along and work hard at communicating with each other.  That hasn't happened for more than a thousand years.  It will be hard to start now.


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