Friday, September 23, 2016

Death Sentence? 

Yahoo has revealed that it was the subject of what is said to be the largest security breach ever -- loss of data on 500 million customers.  Unfortunately for the teetering company, the break-in occurred in 2014, two years ago, and the public is learning about it now.  Will that queer the deal of selling itself to Verizon?  It is too early to say, but already, politicians are weighing in on the failure.  Yahoo claims that the invader was "state sponsored", which means China or Russia.  But that doesn't assuage the pain of the 500 million people who now must change passwords and hope their data is not used against them in some way.  The incident raises a legitimate question about the quality of Yahoo's security and what Verizon is supposedly buying.  The breach might be a death sentence to the deal and to Yahoo.  


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