Friday, September 30, 2016


Elon Musk is a publicist's dream with bold announcements and big ideas.  He must be a PR practitioner's nightmare with his auto company still not making money and with the pending merger with the solar panel company.  Musk's galactic ambitions threaten to get in the way of his earth-bound duties.  Yes, he has a successful rocket company, but one of his boosters blew up recently on the launching pad, and he is bogged down building a battery factory in Nevada.  Yet, here he is speculating on the way to get to Mars and predicting a Martian population of one million in a hundred years.  He would be far better off if he narrowed his vision and focused on businesses he has started.  He wouldn't be as exciting, but he would prove to the business community that he is one of them and to the public that he can make and sell mass market products.  Today, he is a juggler keeping multiple balls in the air.  If he slips and lets any one of them fall, his act will be ruined.  That's high risk, too high it would seem.


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