Wednesday, September 14, 2016


It is easy sport to dump on North Korea and its leader, but sometimes the country's propaganda is too ludicrous to let slip.  Consider this. It is likely the supreme leader, Kim Jong Un, can barely tell corn from beans.   To say he is providing field guidance is a cruel joke on North Korea's hungry citizens.  Note too that each ear of corn, including the one in his hand is perfect and without normal variation.  Either the farmers hand-selected ears or there is a good deal of Photoshop in the frame.  The hard-to-believe propaganda continues for two more photos and captions, neither of which has a shred of credibility.  Also note that the Supreme Leader is surrounded by military men.  Even in an innocuous exercise such as this, he has to project power, for that is all that keeps him in his rotten office.  Propaganda has an effect when it is close to reality, which these photos and captions are not.  One wonders how many more decades North Korea's citizens will tolerate such evil.


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