Monday, September 19, 2016

Making Up The Facts 

If there is one salient feature of Trump's campaign for president, it is his and his people's tendency to make up facts.  We're used to politicians lying.  It comes with the occupation, but Trump's claims are breathtaking.  In the face of hundreds of reports, he will assert that he didn't do or believe something.  That is the case with Obama's birth certificate, an issue he rode for five years up to and including the present presidential campaign.  Kudos to the media for not letting him or his people to get away with it.  This has been a rough time for the media because they are not trusted to report well, but they can and should state the facts.  The facts are that Donald Trump gave interviews, press conferences and statements pushing the issue and now he denies that he ever did and he blames Clinton for the start of the questioning.  Failure to own up to one's error is disgraceful, but nothing seems to bother Trump when it comes to truth. 


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