Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bad PR Stops Merger 

Both Disney and Salesforce.com looked at acquiring the struggling Twitter but backed away.  Why?  They were concerned about abusive and offensive speech that infects Twitter comments. Such concern for customers is not unusual and is good PR.  Why should a company risk its reputation by allowing unbridled speech on its service?  There is nothing wrong with free speech, but there is a carry-over effect.  If you allow this offensive content, that says something about you as a business. Twitter is better off by itself, but it needs to find a way to be profitable.  It doesn't have much time.  The medium has stopped growing even though it is a favorite of politicians and journalists.  Other social media have outstripped it in terms of users and have found ways to monetize their services that so far elude Twitter.  Raw speech is a stumbling block for enterprise, but it still needs to be protected.


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