Friday, October 14, 2016

Bring It On 

This is a good example of defiant publicity.  The New York Times lawyer is telling Donald Trump's attorney to go ahead and sue the newspaper for libel, but Trump won't win.  The letter schools the attorney in libel law and in the crude vernacular says, "Screw you.  We'll see you in court."  The plain language is not that of a typical lawyer.  One can detect the hand of the Time's editorial department in its argument and posture.  The missive, in other words, is intended as much for the public as it is for Trump.  The Times is daring Trump to sue.  The result would be a "slam-dunk" win for the newspaper and a further revelation about Trump's predatory behavior towards women.   Trump, in other words, would be left in a powerless, sputtering rage and the Times would come off as a champion of women everywhere.  


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