Monday, October 31, 2016


Halloween is a curious celebration whose initial intent is lost in mists of time whether a pagan harvest celebration or a Christian feast for the recently departed.  Today it has no meaning other than to dress up and make the rounds asking for candy if a youngster or partying if an adult.  Retailers have used the holiday for selling sweets and all sorts of gimcrackery.  It is amazing to see the junk on store shelves, most of it to be used once and never again.  There is no public relations purpose behind the holiday.  One won't find organizations making their vision one of ghosts and goblins.  It is pure publicity -- hype that motivates young and old.  If one were to stand back and think about it, the day makes no sense other than it is what is done on Oct. 31.  One point Halloween supports is the irrationality of humans.


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