Tuesday, November 15, 2016


PR has a challenge if it wishes to take it on -- apathy when it comes to voting.  Tens of millions of Americans didn't bother to vote in the most recent election.  Most had reasons for staying away from the polls but whatever the excuse, it is hardly good enough.  What is a democracy when citizens neglect it?  Apathy is not new.  Elections have suffered for the lack of participation for decades.  One can only assume those who fail to vote are satisfied with the way things are and have no interest in the future of the country as long as they are left alone.  Candidates strive to overcome lack of participation with GOTV operations, but that still isn't enough to dent the ennui of the apathetic citizen.  How could PR help?  By structuring communications and machinery to reach these citizens and convince them their vote counts.  Many won't listen but some will and perhaps in the next general election the vote tally will be higher.


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