Friday, November 18, 2016


An aspect of public relations for Miami Beach is white sand.  The problem is the sand is disappearing as rising seas erode the beach.  Without dredging, Miami Beach won't have one and sucking up sands offshore to sluice to the beach is a temporary fix at best.  The town isn't the only place having this problem.  Up and down the coastlines of America the challenge is the same.  Those living at the shore are faced with beach erosion and potential flooding from storm systems, and it will only get worse as the century progresses.  Eventually, people will have to abandon stretches of coastline or build seawalls that will cut off ocean access.  There is no good solution.  Global warming has progressed to the point where stopping the ice melt in the arctic and antarctic is probably impossible for decades to come.  There is no one to blame but ourselves, but millions don't see it that way.  They depend on the Army Corp of Engineers to replace missing sand with dredged material and they continue to live in denial.  The outcome will not be good.


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