Thursday, November 10, 2016


When an unexpected event happens, a large component of reaction to it is fear -- fear of the unknown and what changes it holds.  That is the response to the Trump election.  It shows in media stories like this, this and this.  Dread consumes those whose wishes were not granted.  But, the important point to remember is that surprises do not necessarily portend negative action.  One has to wait to find out, and in the waiting there is time to adjust and influence.  Paralysis helps no one, least of all the individual who is too frozen to respond.  The proper PR approach is action, forming coalitions, communications to supporters and friends, movement that will hinder or block negative outcomes.  If public affairs practitioners and lobbyists in D.C. aren't motivated yet, they should be.  They've got slightly more than two months before Trump takes the oath of office.  Fear should motivate action and not stasis.


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