Monday, November 21, 2016

Global Warming 

Those who would deny global warming need to explain facts like these.  How is it that the Northern arctic and pole are running 36 degrees above normal?  One can indulge in spin to push away the reality for a time, but hard truths keep returning.  Eventually, the public will accept facts and spinmeisters are abandoned. We saw this turn happen with smoking.  The tobacco industry sowed fear, uncertainty and doubt for decades until the hard fact that smoking can cause cancer was accepted by most citizens. Then government turned against tobacco and the industry has had a hard road since.  Global warming is a broader issue and will take more time but the evidence of a public shift is there, politicians notwithstanding.  The next administration will deny global warming and will take restraints off the coal industry.  Look for intense criticism when that happens and not just from environmental advocates.


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