Monday, November 14, 2016


How potent are protests to those who aren't listening?  Such is the predicament of crowds demonstrating against Trump's election to the presidency.  They are five days into their rage against the poll results, and Trump has paid them little, if any, attention.  He called them professional protesters.  It will be interesting to see if the demonstrations continue or whether they peter out as people adjust to the president-elect and his style.  Trump and his family were on 60 Minutes last night answering questions from Lesley Stahl, and for the most part, Trump handled himself well and reasonably.  It is not a side of him we are used to seeing.  If he backslides into his vicious campaign rhetoric, demonstrations might take on real meaning to Congress and his opponents there, and he will get nothing done.  People voted for him because they are tired of seeing inaction in Washington.  Trump promised change, and voters will hold him to it.  


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