Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Media Bias 

The media are biased against president-elect Trump.  They don't like him and the feeling is mutual. This is affecting their reporting about him, especially when it comes to the transition.  There have been stories that the transition team is in disarray and unable to announce cabinet picks on time.  A look at history shows this to be false.  Trump brought this kind of reporting onto himself with his ongoing attacks on journalists.  He has motivated them to look for mistakes, whether true or not.  This has created a pattern for the next four years.  The media will hunt for peccadillos and blow them out of proportion in a game of gotcha.  Had Trump shown the least sympathy and understanding of how the press works, they might have cut him some slack.  Since he hasn't, it is open warfare.  Pity his press secretary.   


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