Monday, November 28, 2016


Lies like this are sad, and it is hard to take them from the President-elect.  Trump is a PR practitioners nightmare.  Using lies to make a point is not what PR does.  It bases persuasion on facts rather than falsehoods.  There is little worse in PR than an untruth because the media will inevitably discover it and will attack the individual or organization that has promulgated it.  It is fatal to correct inaccuracies by spreading more.  The result is a lack of credibility for the message sender that renders him useless to PR. There are only three rules to the PR business - accuracy, client service and deadlines.  Accuracy is essential because the media believe we lie, and  we need to guard our credibility at all times.  Client service is of two kinds -- service to the paying client and service to the media that needs correct information.  Deadlines are essential to meet the demand for accurate information in a timely fashion.  Trump has failed on two out of three of these rules.  He is timely but he lies and has no credibility with the media.  


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