Thursday, November 17, 2016


The media were upset that president-elect Trump went out for a steak dinner without telling them.  Now they are worried and complaining about press access in the new administration.  As much as I defend the media, this situation strikes me as whining.  There is no need for reporters to hover over every minute of a president's day, and if a president wishes to have time for himself, then let it be.  There is concern that Trump will stiff-arm reporters during his tenure, and that is quite possible.  He has made no effort to cultivate journalists, and he has made attacking them a sport.  Hence, the elevated sensitivity to the man and his actions.  It will be interesting to see whether Trump attempts to mend his negative relationship with the media.  Both sides have flung abuse at each other, and it is no secret that reporters can't stand him.  Given that, Trump might attempt to end-run journalists using social media tools -- Twitter especially.  If he does, it would open a new era in communications.


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