Tuesday, December 06, 2016


We have entered a time when politicians lie without being condemned.  It is an era of post-truth.  For many reasons, PR practitioners should be concerned and frightened.  We depend on accuracy to maintain credibility, but when others prevaricate without being called for it, it puts us in jeopardy.  The truth might not be as forceful or colorful as spin and standing by facts might make one look foolhardy.  It takes courage to maintain a scrupulous hold on evidence.  The temptation is to lie and join the crowd.  Doing that makes us instantly of no use to the media nor to other stakeholders.  We become part of the fog that distorts debate over issues.  We are communicators without morals adding to noise levels but not serving as guides to the facts.  Let politicians perjure themselves.  Eventually, their lies will catch up to them.  We should continue to stand by facts come what may.


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