Friday, December 02, 2016

PR And Earthquakes 

Oil exploration companies have pumped wastewater into deep wells in order to dispose of it.  This has caused earthquakes in states like Oklahoma and Kansas.  The tremors were not large but they were frequent and they did damage to buildings.  Once Oklahoma and Kansas put regulations on wastewater disposal, the quakes began to drop.  While correlation is not causation, the link between regulations and declining tremors is too large to ignore.  This is why exploration companies should show good PR and find other ways to get rid of oil/gas well water.  It won't be easy, but it is necessary.  Continuation of earthquakes could easily put the energy companies out of business in both states.  Citizens won't stand for continuous rattling of their houses, wall and foundation cracks and brick falls. A new and safe method of wastewater disposal would be a PR coup for the company that comes up with it.  


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