Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bottom Feeding 

Americans were supposed to be freed of intrusions on their privacy from unwanted and unsolicited phone calls.  It turns out that the DO NOT CALL list doesn't work well. An operator can get a fine but no one has gone to prison.  Why do companies persist in making these calls when most recipients are angry about getting them?  It is poor PR.  But, consider what they are doing.  They send out tens of thousands of calls for dollars and they get  a dozen or so live customers whose patronage pays for the effort.  It is bottom-feeding, plowing the mud for clams.  These kinds of companies care less whether one is upset over an unsolicited call.  That person isn't a customer anyway.  So, the individual hangs up with a few choice words to go with it.  That is no loss to the companies.  Meanwhile, they skate on the edge of the law and pay their fine when the FCC acts.  The government needs to jail robo-callers to get them to stop, but it doesn't seem willing to act.  


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