Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Civility And Trump 

Here is an opinion piece that PR practitioners should read.  It posits a fact that one cannot outdo President Trump with invective without lowering oneself to his standards and giving him fodder for reprisal.  Rather, critics should remain civil and rebut his assertions with reasonable discourse.  There is no satisfaction in calling him a liar, but one should point out his lies and rebut them as they arise.  Invective is a distraction from the reality at hand.  One should be reporting closely on what Trump is doing in order to educate the public that sent him to the White House.  Name-calling does no one any good.  Even though one feels rage about the situation, it is better to contain it and with icy calm to bore in on his errors and make them public.  Is it hard to do when one is foaming with anger?  Yes.  But it is necessary.


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