Friday, January 06, 2017

Hard Task 

The new governor of Puerto Rico says he will push hard to achieve statehood for the island.  That is a tough PR challenge from several points of view.  Puerto Rico is a financial disaster at the moment, and people have been leaving the island for the US.  Previous governors of the island have wanted statehood and never succeeded.  Congress isn't of a mind to grant statehood.  The governor has to convince not only his citizens but the populace of the US that his island is worthy of joining the ranks of 50 states. If he should succeed, the island will be the first with a native language that is different -- Spanish -- and it will be the first Caribbean country to link to the mainland.  A positive note for the governor's efforts is the close relationship between Puerto Rico and cities like Miami and New York where tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans dwell.  But still, it won't be easy.


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